Why KinderCycle?

  • Kids outgrow clothes.
  • They move on to different toys.
  • They want new books to read.
  • You want new books to read to them.
  • You need a clutter-free house.
  • You’re environmentally aware.
  • You’re cost-conscious.

How Does KinderCycle Work?

KinderCycle hosts swap events where you get stuff you and your kids want, and get rid of stuff you don’t.

FAQs at a glance

Do I have to drop off my stuff sometime before the swap begins?

  • No.  When you arrive, you hand over the stuff your family is done with.  This also means that throughout the length of the swap, new items are being added to the tables.

If I bring 5 onesies, do I get 5 onesies?  Or, if I bring 2 bags of stuff, do I get 2 bags of stuff?

  • No.  KinderCycle events are not designed to be an even exchange of stuff.  You bring what you are done with and take what you want.  We will not be counting the items that you bring and then counting the items that you leave with.

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